EMP Update version 3

Mars Snooper
Are you an engineer? Arma needs key men to augment a broad research program in missile guidance and space technology. As designer and developer of inertial navigation systems for Titan and Atlas ICBMs, Arma provides a stim- ulating atmosphere where creative talents can develop . . .

Atomic Pulse Rocket
The Atomic Pulse Rocket could transport payloads to the Moon at $6.74 per pound, less than one quarter the prevailing air freight charges over equivalent distance . . .

Space Cowboys
ARMA, now providing the inertial guidance system for the Atlas ICBM, is in the vanguard of the race to outer space. For this effort, ARMA needs scientists and engineers experienced in astronautics . . .

“For Cushioned Comfort”
Just imagine if your last sight on this earth was of the
Knapp Shoes car bearing down on you. From the 1960s, an accident scene photo from Salem County, New Jersey. Caption on back: “Upper Penns Neck fatal. Pic by Dave Trostel for UPN Police.” The car is a 1960 Chevrolet station wagon.

From the 1950s, a crash scene photo showing the aftermath of a head-on collision between two ragtops, a 1955 Chevrolet and 1956 Cadillac. The Cadillac, which has a New Jersey tag, burned. No word on fatalities, but it doesn’t look good. Back then, the “crumple zone” was pretty much the entire car.

Bohn Boat
With the changes foreseen in the world of tomorrow, the modern ship will also undergo a complete transformation. Light alloys have been responsible for so many wonders, no one can foresee the wide uses to which they may be put . . .

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2005
Retro Rocket
Authorities predict that aircraft designs of tomorrow will be of the advanced rocket type. The new rocket models will permit much higher speeds at much higher altitudes. Thus new developments which require light alloys keep opening up avenues for improved products. When peace comes, Bohn metallurgists and engineers should be helpful to you in designing your products for tomorrow . . .

The doorbell rings.
It may be friends, dropping by for a visit. Or, you may open the door on the unexpected, and find yourself facing a gun. The “doorbell” technique has long been a favorite with holdup men. It catches you off guard, makes you, your family and guests easy prey for robbery. One way to protect yourself is to install a door chain and make callers identify themselves before you open the door. But even this is not foolproof. The surest way to protect yourself against loss from “unexpected callers” is through insurance . . .

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2005
Look Out for Those Clouds!
YOU’RE skimming straight for the horizon! A warm wind
softly fans your face as you soar to the crest of the hill. And stretching below you are ribbons of roads, trees that dwindle to pencils . . . Watch out—or you’ll bump into one of those big, billowy clouds! You’re driving a 1941 Lincoln-Zephyr, mister, and that means you’re riding high!

Salute to Memphis, 1943
Details concerning the type and performance of aircraft soon to roll out on our runways at the new McDonnell Plant in Memphis are, of military necessity, restricted. But you may be sure that these aircraft will play an important role in hastening the day of victory for America and our Allies. That’s our job in Memphis, now. But one day, when victory has been won and peacetime transportation is resumed, the old river city will become an important ocean port—in the Ocean of the Air . . .

Brass for the Two-Edged Sword
Yes, oil is a mighty two-edged sword that carries double cutting power in attacks on the enemy today. For it is a source of both gasoline and synthetic rubber. And to keep refinery production of these two vital materials at the keenest edge of efficiency, tons and tons of copper alloy heat exchanger and condenser tubing are required . . .