EMP updates diary version 1

Everyone’s 8×10 prints went out today in the mail. Read more on the PP Bloglet. Among our charter subscribers, the biggest benefactor so far is John Hendricks, CEO and founder of Discovery Communications / The Discovery Channel. Thanks! To reserve a large-format print (and get a ’55 Chrysler) and contribute to the project, click here. The images are here.
Larry Baranovic
We’ve gone from knowing next to nothing about this wonderful artist to knowing quite a bit, thanks to the inventor of the George Foreman Grill. We’ll post details in the coming days. In the meantime, this illustration by Larry for Wayne C0ach courtesy of Bob Johnson in Arizona.

The Four Hundred for 1955
The elite of the world’s motordom bow to the sophisticated Packard Four Hundred. The opulence of the more formal Patrician is sparked by a liberal dash of spirit. The Packard Four Hundred is admired equally by country clubber and first nighter. In locker room conversations, it’s discussed with all the excitement of the long wood or crisp iron shot. In the theatre foyer it’s spoken of with the enthusiasm reserved for the birth of a new star. The suburbanite who seasons country living with urban spice will find the Packard Four Hundred easily adapts itself to his way of life . . .

The alternate title here could be “Circling the Drain.” The majestic 1955 and ’56 Packards were the last of their breed before the company’s merger with Studebaker and two years of shrunken, badge-engineered cars.

SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2005
The Pride of Willow Run
Tens of thousands of visitors have gasped to see raw steel roll in at one end of Willow Run—and to see precision-made Kaiser and Frazer cars roll away at the other end of the smooth-flowing production line . . .

Henry J. Kaiser’s Kaiser and Frazer automobiles, born in the booming postwar market, were contemporaries of the Tucker, although unlike that ill-fated car hundreds of thousands were made before the Kaiser nameplate disappeared in 1955, after a merger with Willys.

FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2005
Chiaroscuro Chrysler
Expect to be looked at . . . admired . . . and envied — when you get behind the wheel of this gorgeous, sleek and smart Chrysler Convertible Coupe. You’d have to look very far indeed to find interiors of greater swank and dash than those of the ’55 Windsor Deluxe . . .

Another of Larry Baranovic’s moody, lush and luscious illustrations for Chrysler. The only place we’ve seen his work is in the company’s mid-’50s sales catalogs and ads.

Lucky You!
Congratulations are in order! And the owner of this newest Oldsmobile masterpiece is sure to receive his share! Here is distinction. The exclusive Accent-Styled Body by Fisher commands immediate attention, instant recognition. You travel in all the comfort and luxury that the most exacting craftsmanship can provide. The Rocket T-400 Engine, teamed with Jetaway Hydra-Matic, is ever-ready with a more-than- confident answer to the demands of modern travel . . .

Poolside with the 1957 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 Starfire Coupe and an idealized landscape somewhere between Arcadia and Monterey. Love the glass house.