Hollywood Acupuncturist Accused Of Practicing Medicine Without A License

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During a U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation, Ware told an agent that he had injected a skin-tightening product called Simildiet into Kogan’s cheeks and forehead, authorities said. The agent found that the product’s manufacturer a pharmaceutical company in Spain states that the product only may be used externally. It also contains ingredients that the state’s health department says could be toxic, according to the police report. Photos: Faces of meth, before and after Ware, 39, was released from jail Wednesday after posting a $4,500 bond, jail records show. Reached by phone Thursday, he declined to comment. Although Kogan said her condition has improved since her February 2012 treatment, there have been residual effects, such as the sensation of coldness. “I did not sleep one month. I could lie in the bed, but not sleeping,” Kogan said. “This was so toxic. I was feeling like poisoned.” She called poison control and saw several doctor specialists, including a neurologist, she said. But they could do little to help, because they did not know what substance had been injected into her face, Kogan said. “This was something unbelievable,” she said. Police said an investigation began after a Food and Drug Administration special agent contacted a Hollywood detective in July. Kogan said Ware was recommended to her.