Hollywood Hosts Fifth Annual Cardboard Boat Race

The safe harbor provision allows Internet providers, search engines and other tech firms to escape liability when users post pirated content on their platforms, provided such content is promptly removed when providers get a takedown notice, or if they are otherwise warned by some kind of red flag that indicates infringing activity. This safe harbor provision is, generally speaking, something Internet providers and search engines dont want lawmakers to touch. While providers may complain that they are inundated by takedown requests Google says it receives more than a million each week to put the provision on the table risks ending up with something that saddles Internet sites with additional liability. In fact, when the green paper was unveiled, Michael Beckerman, president and CEO of the Internet Assn., a trade group formed in 2012 that includes Google, Facebook and Amazon among its members, said existing law works very well. In a statement to Variety, he said that the DMCA continues to fulfill its intended purpose of facilitating the growth and development of the Internet and the Web. In contrast, Hollywood and lobbying orgs representing other content creators complain that the safe harbor provision forces them into playing endless whacka-mole; even after enlisting their own monitoring services to find infringing content and send out takedown notices, they say piracy is still growing. While Beckerman warned that the green paper would be used by some interest groups as a call for new laws addressing online infringement, that prospect seems unlikely, not just because of the government shutdown, but because of skittishness among lawmakers to start anything like the unprecedented protest that sidelined the last major piece of antipiracy legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act. House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., has launched a series of hearings with an eye toward revising copyright laws, but that process could take years, and undoubtedly would be contentious when and if it comes to revisiting the DMCA. The authors of the green paper recognized this, and have proposed that rather than pursue legislation, the tech and content industries should come up with their own set of best practices for identifying takedown notices. Thats easier said than done, of course. Google and others have had individual conversations with the studios; they are in business with most of them. But when it comes to hashing out a broad voluntary agreement across industries, there are, tellingly, no serious discussions. Sherwin Siy, VP of legal affairs at the public interest group Public Knowledge, said via e-mail that best practices agreements can be a big help, as they can inform players what is and what isnt useful to the other side, and provide some guideposts for dealing with a complex situation. But there can be drawbacks, he noted, as when there are not methods for redress and appeal. The problem is that complaints of abuse or mistake get the runaround. Google has argued that it has been prompt in responding to takedown requests 57 million last year, with an average response time of less than six hours, the company said and that it has been proactive in removing ad services to sites that violate its copyright policy.

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Guides Former High School Teacher Katelyn Chandler to Launch Her Own Airbrush Tanning Business

“We just wanted to try something new,” Julia said. “But I’m just a passenger on the boat. I don’t know how to row.” Like many teams, Roar III was at the marina early to start building. “It takes a long time to build,” Aidan said. “It’s tiring.” Boats are required to be made out of cardboard and duct tape and can be any shape. The day also included food, music and a pre-race boat parade. According to folks at the marina, some of the boats will finish the entire 150-yard race from one ramp to another, while others sink within the first 4 feet. “It’s just a lot of fun to watch,” said Suzi Cutrone, a member of the Hollywood Marine Advisory Board. “It’s all about families and friends getting together, spending time outdoors and getting away from the video games.” With names like The Intimidator, Soon 2B Submarine, The Great White and Grey Ghost, teams got into the design aspect of the boats. “They always get really creative,” Cutrone said. Tsunami Slapper did, in fact, place for Most Creative Design. The Rowing Dead also won in that division. Most Team Spirit went to S.O.S., Breast Cancer Awareness and Watermelon. Watermelon and Soon 2B Submarine “won” Most Spectacular Sinking.

Hollywood, Big Tech on Collision Course Over Who Should Police the Internet

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