Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame Throws Some Serious Shade At Kim Kardashian

I grew up in the era of Betty Friedans Feminine Mystique. My mother and her friends and neighbors were college-educated but had left the city workforce to raise families in American House Beautiful suburbs. The nuns who taught me were feminist role models, though I did not realize it at the time. They were highly educated evidently smarter than the parish priests. They instilled an ethic of hard and meaningful work, of social conscience, of a responsibility to develop ones talents not only for a life of purpose, but in service to others. I admired their strong faith, dedication and care, sense of fulfillment and energy. A rare few were genuinely holy people, and there is nothing more attractive. Q: Have social media and the digital era made nuns more approachable rather than mysterious? A: Whether they are nuns in active ministries, visible all over the world, such as the Maryknoll Sisters, or nuns who remain in enclosed, contemplative communities like some Benedictines, nuns are more accessible. Nuns run websites and blogs that not only give ordinary people insight into their work, but allow them to request the prayers of help, comfort and spiritual strength that lie at the heart of religious life. With professional backgrounds in media and communication arts, nuns have become prominent as film reviewers. They have increasingly become the subject of documentary films. Q: What kind of impact does it have on an actress to portray a nun? A: Ingrid Bergman began to feel trapped in the role of religious icon and became intensely irritated when women stopped her to say they hoped their daughters would follow her example as Sister Benedict (in The Bells of St. Marys) and become a nun.

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X Your Kinja blog will upgrade to our latest design on October 18 at 6AM EDT. Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame Throws Some Serious Shade At Kim Kardashian Kanye West, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that you might have missed last week, talked about how it was ludicrous that his baby mama Kim Kardashian did not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. How did the Walk of Fame team respond? With a big resounding “Fuck thaaaat.” As a Walk of Fame spokeswoman Ana Martinez explained to the NY Daily News, Theyre not giving a performance, its just them going through their daily lives and rituals on TV. We honor people whove acted in or directed or produced an award-winning show or film. And its the same with music, people who maybe have gold records. Not even shade so much as a brutally true insult. Though perhaps Martinez is unaware that Keeping Up With The Kardashians actually did take home a statue: they won Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. And no one can doubt how hard Kardashian worked to stage those supposedly overseas scenes. Kardashian and the star-studded sidewalk have more in common than you may think: they’re both cultural institutions that no one really cares about and both have been urinated upon by random men, but Martinez is rightthe Walk of Fame is a Hollywood institution with impeccably high standards. How else do you explain Vanna White, Judge Judy and The Harlem Globetrotters all having stars? Related

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Topped Forbes magazine’s latest list of television’s highest paid actors earning twenty million dollars in the past year. — costar John Pryor came in second at 21 million. Chris Humphrey scored his own big payday selling his ex Kim Kardashians engagement ring at auction. — 749000. Dollars. The pro basketball player was awarded the eighteen — — artwork as part of the couple’s divorce settlement. He plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to — Rock and roll hall of fame has released its list of sixteen nominees for election. The — class of when he fourteen. Nineties grunge originators Nirvana topped the picket along with — Holland notes and LL cool. The inductees will be announced in December. And Miley Cyrus can’t stop her winning streak. The pop star’s latest album bankers debuted at number one on the billboard charts — — fifth time taking that top spot. The glee cast also cracked the top ten for the first time in two years.