Sacramento Philharmonic Opens Mainstage Season As Merged Organization With All-gershwin Concert

Selena Gomez Explains The Real Reason For Her Concert Cry!

Here? Like near my house? Are they going to be on my lawn?” NOT ON HER LAWN – BUT YES, JUST DOWN THE ROAD IN THE SPRINGPOINT NEIGHBORHOOD OF SOUTH PORTLAND. THE AREA ALREADY HAS SEVERAL RESTAURANTS, A BAR, A COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND PLENTY OF RESIDENTS. THE HOPE IS TO CREATE A VENUE THAT WILL RIVAL THE SUCESSFUL “WATERFRONT CONCERT SERIES” IN BANGOR WHICH IS DRAWING A-LIST ACTS.. “We could probably sell more pizza.” laughs KATIE POTOCKI OWNS 158 PICKET STREET CAFE…AND SAYS ANYTIME YOU BRING 8-10 THOUSAND PEOPLE INTO THE AREA – IT’S GOOD FOR BUSINESS. “It would be an incredible thing to see that kind of energy down here and more people actually knowing that we are here.” THE CONCERT VENUE IDEA – IS JUST THAT …AN IDEA – IN THE VERY EARLY STAGES..THE CITY LEASES PART OF THE PARK OWNED BY PORTLAND PIPELINE – THE COMPANY WOULD HAVE HAVE TO WRITE OFF ON THE IDEA..NOBODY WAS AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT TODAY. AND THEN THERE’S THE ISSUE OF PARKING AND TRAFFIC..BUT 5- THOUSAND PEOPLE TURNED OUT IN JULY FOR THE COLOR RUN – WITHOUT ANY MAJOR PROBLEMS- SAID THE CITY’S POLICE CHIEF. STILL…SOME RESIDENTS ARE TAKING A WAIT AND SEE ATTITUDE. “I’m a believer I think in allowing it happen, if under the auspices if it doesn’t work, if it is a congestion, knowing at that point that the city can pull the trigger and say look we tried it, it’s not going to work.” THE CITY’S ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SAID – IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED – PEOPLE COULD BE ENJOYING CONCERTS HERE AS EARLY AS NEXT SUMMER. LIVE IN SOUTH PORTLAND, JIM KEITHLEY, WMTW Theres a plan to turn Bug Light Park into a concert venue between the Liberty Ship Memorial and the Portland Pipeline Pier. Related Some said the expansive area in South Portland is the perfect spot to host 8,000 to 10,000 people. It could become the biggest concert venue around. City planners released an artists rendering showing what an outdoor waterfront amphitheater might look like.

Hills tenure ended July 1 whenexecutive director Robert Tannenbaum took the reins. Tannenbaum is charged with leading the Sacramento Region Performing Arts Alliance, the umbrella organization formed when the Sacramento Philharmonic and Sacramento Opera boards decided to merge earlier this year. That merger was mandated by the tough economic climate for both organizations recently. The Sacramento Philharmonic nearly closed doors last season. However, the orchestra is back, albeit in a much reduced state, programming-wise. Tannenbaums imprint on the orchestra will have to wait for next year andbeyond. Nonetheless, he believes starting off the season with Gershwin will prove a sensible move, if not a defining one for the merged organization. Gershwin is a truly key figure in American music. He was a binding piece in a chain between jazz, classical, Broadway and film music, said Tannenbaum. He was the first composer to bring that all together in a uniquely serious American style. So I think hes a great choice for this first concert. The multimedia Here to Stay: The Gershwin Experience will feature noted soprano and two-time Grammy Award winner Sylvia McNair, David Snyder on piano and vocals and tap dancer Danny Gardner. Michael Morgan will conduct. McNair was last seen in Sacramento during a well-received 2004 performance with the Sacramento Philharmonic.

Remove Added to your timeline: 10/17/2013 8:50 PM ET | Filed under: Music Minute Selena Gomez New York GIFs Instagram We’ll give you a hint: IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF JUSTIN BIEBER ! Selena Gomez is sharing the real reason she got all choked up at her Brooklyn concert on Wednesdayand it’s not what you think! Though many outlets speculated Selly was crying during her ballad, Love Will Remember, because the tune is believed to be about her ex-boyfriend the Come And Get It singer was actually shedding tears for her fans! She really wanted to take Instagram pictures with them after the show, but wasn’t allowed! Awe! The former Disney star shared the (above) sad pic of herself holding up a Brooklyn T-shirt with the caption: “Never ended such a beautiful show in tears because they wouldn’t allow me to Instagram tonight. Completely heartbroken and pissed. Thank you SO much Brooklyn. Ill be stopping outside Letterman tomorrow to make it up if you can make it. I love you guys more than you know. Promise.” And sure enough, Miz Gomez delivered! Ch-ch-check out the singer posing with fans outside Letterman (below)! Is she not THE BEST?!