Tablets Get A Seat At The Movies (+video)

The movie is the normal zombie shtick, just set in a theater, with some of the actors turning out to be more dangerous than the zombies. Still, you have to respect the movies tagline: There are worse things than being torn apart by critics 9) Date of the Dead A woman goes on a blind date only to discover hes a zombie. And she eventually falls for him. Seriously. 10) Detention of the Dead When a high school is overrun with zombies, the only survivors are the kids in detention. This 2012 movie is based on a 2011 stage play, both of which can be summed up as The Breakfast Club during a zombie attack. 11) Office of the Dead Software engineer Ben Lau wotks for Life Corp, which is trying to make technology that will make unhappy people happy (dont ask). In a significant setback for the project, it actually turns people into zombies instead, forcing Ben, his ex-girlfriend and project manager Liz and his co-worker Raj, to sneak through the zombie-laden building discovering the thematic similarities between mindless monsters and corporate America. 12) Stag Night of the Dead The day before his wedding to the horrible Elaine, Dean has a bachelor party where he plays Zomball with his friends and a very accommodating stripper Zomball being a game at a military compound where you get to shoot zombies with stun guns. This, shockingly, turns out to be a poor idea. 13) Gangs of the Dead The Lords of Crenshaw and El Diablo are two rival gangs who hate each other, and arent going to let a meteorite that turns most of Los Angeles into zombies stop them. 14) Dorm of the Dead Having attacked both detention and the prom, the zombies graduate to college in this 2012 super-indie flick. A slacker must protect his younger brother and a group of quirky survivors against to the co-ed undead. 15) Le6ion of the Dead First of all, thats not a typo, the movie is really called Le6ion with a six instead of a G, a decision so horrible Im enraged at having to type it. Second of all, this movie is pretty much a crappier version of the Paul Bettany movie Legion, in which two teens must protect a cute diner waitress from the hordes of hell, which just happen to be zombies because zombies are cheaper than CG demon monsters.

Would Piracy Decline if More Movies Were Online Legally?

5 for $4.99 rental or $14.99 purchase. Elysium and The Mortal Instruments City of Bones arrive on DVD in December, while 2 Guns will be released in November. is the brainchild of Jerry Brito and Eli Dourado from the Mercatus Center , a conservative think tank within George Mason University, as well as developer Matt Sherman. In a FAQ , they said they wanted to determine if consumers “turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally.” They were inspired by an MPAA report that said search engines were not taking sufficient voluntary measures to combat piracy. When the site debuted yesterday, however, some of the information was incorrect. Pacific Rim, for example, was not listed as being available for digital purchase. “On October 15, we experienced some launch day glitches, so regretfully, some of the data that we presented on our site was innaccurate [sic],” said on its site. “When this was brought to our attention, we immediately corrected the data on our site. The errors turned out to be problems with one of our upstream data sources.” But in addition to the glitches with the data, some organizations took issue with the site’s message. In a blog post , Michelle Wein, a research analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), argued that “the site’s authors suggest that the content industry is doing a poor job of making content available and piracy would go away if the content industry would just release more movies sooner, cheaper or in a different format.” “Both arguments are wrong,” Wein wrote “Content is now available in multiple formats, often for free, and despite this piracy continues to grow. For example, the season premiere of The Walking Dead was pirated over 500,000 times within 16 hours of its airing despite the fact that it is available for free through AMC’s website.” Brito and Dourado denied that they believe piracy is justified. “Piracy is illegal and wrong,” they wrote. “We want to help answer a factual question about the world: Do people turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally?” In a follow-up post on The Technology Liberation Front, Brito said that “although piracy is illegal and wrong, it may still be the case that the legal availability of content has an effect on piracy rates. That is a possibility that we are pointing out, not celebrating.” The ultimate question, Brito said, is “how to enforce copyright.

Realizing that its target audience the touch-screen generation (see story, page 26) increasingly uses digital devices, the company has designed applications for moviegoers. With the theatrical rereleases of The Little Mermaid in September and The Nightmare Before Christmas on Oct. 18, Disney launched companion apps for the iPad. Audiences can download the apps at home and then bring their tablets with them to the theater. RECOMMENDED: The 25 best animated movies of all time readers’ picks These special screenings make films like Ariels under-the-sea adventure feel a bit like a Rocky Horror Picture Show revival for 6-year-olds. When King Triton makes his royal entrance, the app tells audiences to Cheer! The lyrics to each song pop up on the tablet, encouraging people to sing along. And interactive games pit viewers against each other to see who can rack up the most points. Kim Tracey Prince of Agoura Hills, Calif., says that before learning about Disneys Second Screen Live app, her two sons had no interest in seeing The Little Mermaid. They considered it a girl movie. But she says that the iPad app lured them in. While Brady, age 6, got swept up in the story and quickly lost interest in the app, Kyle, 8, manned the tablet throughout the movie nudging his mom occasionally for answers to the pop-up trivia questions. It was a huge hit and Im glad we did it, says Ms. Prince. At the end, [Kyle] called it the best movie ever, which is a rare attribute for him. As far as she could tell, they were the only family in the theater with an iPad, which led to some confusion. The screening stopped at certain points, giving players time to complete a task on their tablets. Unsure about what was happening, several people left the theater to complain that the projector seemed to be broken, Prince says. These free apps work at home, as well.

Sky Movies comes to BT TV, hell braces itself for cold snap

Sky Movies comes to BT TV, hell braces itself for cold snap

Sinead look like playground hijinks. Despite this, both recognize the growing threat of Virgin Media’s Netflix offering, which is why the pair have teamed up to offer Sky Movies via BT’s subscription TV packages. From October 26th, customers can subscribe to 11 Sky Movies channels in SD as well as on-demand content for an additional fee. It’ll all be done via existing Vision+ and YouView hardware, so there’s no need to buy any more gear, although HD-enthusiasts might just have to bite the bullet and sign up with Rupert directly. Show full PR text BT and Sky reach agreement to add Sky Movies to BT TV BT and Sky have signed a multi-year contract which will see Sky Movies made available through BT TV. BT will offer Sky Movies for a monthly subscription that customers can add to their existing BT TV package from October 26. The agreement means that BT will be able to offer its TV customers the option to bolt-on Sky Movies whether they are customers with the YouView box or the latest Vision + box. For Sky, the deal supports Sky’s growing wholesale content business. BT TV customers will be able to enjoy the latest movies across 11 Sky Movies channels, in standard definition, both as streamed live channels and on-demand for those with BT Infinity fibre broadband. For customers with regular BT broadband Sky Movies is only available on-demand. Sky Movies is the UK’s most popular subscription movies service giving access to over 700 different movies on demand including brand new exclusive premieres every week from major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal. Sky Movies subscribers can choose from more of the latest and biggest movies first, at least 12 months before any online subscription service.